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We believe that everyone has the capability to learn, develop and to grow upon achievement  – irrespective of  gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

If you are wondering ‘Am I good enough’, ‘Will I be successful’, you will most likely find other people think exactly the same about themselves too – in other words, you are not alone. Providing that you have the willpower to start and the motivation to succeed, the answer is ‘Yes’, so leave the rest to us!

Find out more about our education and training programmes below:

Funeral Service Awareness TrainingLevel 4 NAFD Higher Funeral Directing ProgrammeNAFD Funeral Arranging and Administration (FAA) CertificateFrontline Funeral Service Operative Training ProgrammeNAFD DipFD Direct Entry RouteNAFD Summer SchoolMortuary Management Training WorkshopENROL HERE

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