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Welcome to the new NAFD DipFD Direct Entry Route, which is the fast-track route for registration to the NAFD DipFD training programme.

The aim of the Direct Entry Route is to provide education opportunities to long serving funeral professionals with extensive experience but no formal prior qualifications. The launch of the Direct Entry Route now enables those individuals to register for the DipFD without the need to complete a precursor qualification or training programme, providing they can prove their competence and knowledge of funeral arranging in the integrated assessment process.

Through the Direct Entry Route, the current competence of funeral individuals is assessed through an online pre-qualifying assessment aimed at testing the current knowledge and understanding of legislation and practice associated with arranging a funeral. In addition, individuals will be required to complete an online application form with a series of experience-based questions. The final part of the process involves providing evidence of arranging and / or conducting 75 funerals over a 3-year period and two written references.

The Direct Entry Route is not applicable to individuals who have successfully completed the NAFD DipFAA, LAFD Cert FAA or new online NAFD FAA Certificate. Providing you can produce evidence of completing any of these courses, you can register directly for the NAFD Funeral Directing DipFD.

Entry Criteria and Cost:

Eligibility is for funeral service employees, aged 18+ with a minimum of 3 continuous years service arranging and/or conducting funerals.  You must be able to provide evidence of arranging a minimum of 75 funerals over a 3-year period.

The NAFD Registration fee for the Direct Entry Route is currently £175 for NAFD members and £235 for non-members.  There is a separate registration fee of £265 for NAFD members and £325 for non-members for the NAFD Funeral Directing DipFD.



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