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Welcome to the NAFD Funeral Arranging and Administration (FAA) Certificate, training ideal for employees working as funeral arrangers and administrators employed in the funeral service.

Studying for the FAA Certificate will allow individuals to improve their knowledge in the processes and procedures relating to arranging a funeral as well as develop a deeper understanding of sensitive communication, inclusivity, financial awareness and health and safety in the workplace, all key responsibilities of a funeral arranger.

On average, this training programme can be achieved within a period of 12 – 18 months.


Registration is restricted to existing employees within the funeral service with a minimum of 9 months experience working as a funeral arranger.

Individuals who register for this training must be able to provide workplace evidence of a minimum of 18 months experience and at least 36 funeral arrangements, prior to final examination and full achievement of this course.

The learning material for the FAA Certificate is delivered and completed online.

Assessment consists of online proof of learning assessments and final written examination. Please refer to the student handbook for additional information.

Entry criteria:

The entry criteria for the Funeral Arranging and Administration Certificate is:

  • Students must be aged 16+ years
  • Must have a valid Maths and English qualification at Grade D / 3 or above
  • Must be employed in the funeral service
  • Must have a minimum of 9 months experience working as a funeral arranger.

Registration and Payment:

  • Student registration commences for a period of two years upon receipt of online payment of the NAFD FAA course fee. Student course fees are inclusive of learning materials and resources and final certification, but exclusive of final examination fees.
  • The NAFD Funeral Arranging and Administration course fee is currently £1475 for NAFD members and £1775 for non-NAFD members.

For further information on the Funeral Arranging and Administration Certificate, please contact the NAFD Education team at


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