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NAFD approved tutors are all qualified to national teaching standards, which means that, you will work with tutors who recognise that everyone has differing learning needs and as such, will respect and treat you as an individual.

Your tutor knows how to bring out the best in students, and as such, tutors have the flexibility to ensure that you receive a standard  of tuition that you deserve.

Your tutor fees are in addition to the NAFD Registration Fee. Tutor fees will provide:

  • access to a qualified tutor trained to national teaching standards.
  • access to a training venue fit for purpose and conducive to learning.
  • access to a series of tutor-led face to face  workshops for each learning module
  • access to ongoing tutor support for guidance in-between workshops, either via a live pre-agreed time for an online discussion; via telephone conference calls; or perhaps additional face to face meetings where appropriate.
  • access to NAFD approved tutor feedback on your progress and coursework assessment.
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