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What do my fees pay for?

NAFD Diploma Student Registration

  • access to the NAFD’s core programme learning materials.
  • access to NAFD Learning Zone – a new Online Learning System for you to gain access to the study materials 24/7; exchange and share resources and ideas with other funeral service students: an online system for submitting and safekeeping of all your coursework.
  • access to additional accessibility resources, should you have any additional learning needs as a result of having dyslexia for example.
  • access to a range of online learning resources to help you to brush up on your English and Maths if you find you would benefit from a little extra help.
  • access to all course related learning and assessment information you need to succeed.
  • should any unforeseen /unplanned events happen in your life, a maximum period of two years for you to complete your studies and final assessment.
  • final award certification.

NAFD registered students gain access to purchase of a NUS Totum Discount Card.

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