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The NAFD’s Funeral Service Awareness training programme is designed to support anyone considering a career in the funeral profession or anyone who would like a better understanding of the profession, including new starters within funeral service businesses.

Delivered online, the training has been designed to introduce the funeral profession. For job applicants, this taster course offers vital basic knowledge about the funeral service to prepare for applying for a job and help them gain an understanding of whether a career in funeral service is right for them.

For allied professionals, including the emergency services and caring professions, the Funeral Service Awareness course offers a great introduction to the profession to assist in building strong working relationships.

Upon successful achievement you will receive a NAFD Certificate of Training.

Registration and Payment

Eligibility for registration: Age 16 or over
Course fee: £250
Online registration and payment to the NAFD must be fully completed before system access is enabled
Registration period: You have 45 days from registration to complete this course. After 45 days your course access will be automatically withdrawn.

We are unable to guarantee employment as a result of completing this course, but we can help you to develop your knowledge and acquire sufficient awareness in the type of work and some of the daily challenges in the profession.

Our aim is to enable you to develop an awareness of the funeral service and to help you to make your decision about the industry as a career option.

We hope that upon successful achievement of the training, you will feel confident in knowing that you have taken steps to equip yourself with a certain amount of knowledge, so that should you secure a job interview, you are able to demonstrate your prior interest and recent achievement to a prospective employer.

You will explore the following areas during this training course:

  • the range of key activities carried out by the funeral service.
  • the key responsibilities across the different job roles
  • recognising appropriate skills and personal attributes for working in the funeral service.
  • the aims of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD).
  • the responsibility and obligations of a National Association of Funeral Directors member in adhering to the Code of Practice and Code of Professional Standards.
  • the common reactions to bereavement including the stages of grief.
  • the funeral as a rite of passage
  • the benefits of counselling following bereavement.
  • the activities that take place before the day of the funeral, the activities that take place on the day of the funeral


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