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Unit 7: Portfolio Activity 1

With the help of your tutor create four case studies based on your experience of repatriation of a) the deceased repatriated into the UK b) the deceased being repatriated overseas from the UK.

Include any challenges experienced that had to be overcome.

Upload upon completion.

NAFD GUIDANCE: The student should try and include repatriations to and from different countries, for example:
Repatriation from and to the US. 
Repatriation from and to Europe.
Repatriation from and to Australia or New Zealand Repatriation from and to Middle Eastern countries
If the student doesn’t have experience of four repatriations, they should choose a specific region and discuss the challenges of repatriating to and from that region.

DAVID: Do 4 case studies from different regions if possible. Into and out of the UK. Include documentation, operational requirements and any differences in the deceased. You may use ashes as one of the examples. 


WORD COUNT: 500 – 750

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    Allow 48 hours for response, Monday – Friday.