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Unit 4: Portfolio Activity 1

Discover for yourself how the deceased is removed following the first call / notification that death has occurred.

Does your employer have a documented process / guidelines for safe removal of the deceased? Discuss with your employer how improvements may be made if applicable.

Upload your findings to your portfolio.

NAFD GUIDANCE: The student should consider:
Who takes responsibility?
How is this managed?
Is a recognised process in place?
Are there any potential negative impacts on individual employees, the team, business, clients or community if there are poor processes in place?
Or is there opportunity to demonstrate positive impacts?

David: Consider the process of removals for your business each step from start to finish. Think of each of the questions abive. Suggest any improvements that could be made. This could be regarding the process at the place of death, hospital or nursing home, with the equipment you have or at the funeral home. 

  • Within your answer consider the impacts on Yourself, Colleagues, Your Business, The Community.


WORD COUNT: 500-750

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    Allow 48 hours for response, Monday – Friday.