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Unit 1: Portfolio Activity 1

Based on your experience to date, identify how the business you work for approaches the role and function of the funeral director.

Make a list of the practical tasks the funeral director takes responsibility for including the limitations and benefits of each.

Upload to your portfolio.

NAFD Guidance:

The aim of this activity is for students to consider the business in which they work and their interpretation of
the primary functions of the funeral director. When considering the limitations and benefits of specific tasks,
the student should do this in relation to their own role, the team, wider business and their community and /
or clients.
Students are expected to:

  • State Corporate or Independent business status.
  • Consider the differences in a funeral director’s status in the business.
  • Identify the business structure.
  • Compares and contrast the responsibilities assigned to each of the roles.
  • Consider financial decision making.
  • Evidence awareness of local job market.

David B – Please remember the important command words in this activity:

  • LIST – The practical Tasks. Including the limitations and benefits of each.
  • Base the answer around the content in the unit learning materials but remember the answer should be based on your own working practice.
  • Include inward and outward facing views for example how do you approach community engagement.
  • Remember you are looking for 25 marks.
  • Within your answer consider the impacts on Yourself, Colleagues, Your Business, The Community.
  • Max Word Count 1000 words.
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    Allow 48 hours for response, Monday – Friday.