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Funeral Service Awareness Training

Funeral Service Awareness Training

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Welcome to the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) online Funeral Service Awareness Training course.

Thank you for registering for this course. We believe that the NAFD Funeral Service Awareness training course is a cost effective way of acquiring basic knowledge about the funeral service, in order to help you to prepare for securing a role in the profession.

This course involves a mixture of online learning material related to the funeral profession and wider independent on-line research. It is recommended that you complete all of these activities before you attempt the online assessment. We recommend that you allow 4 – 6 hours as a minimum to complete this training course.

Please note, you have 45 days from registration to complete this course and take the online quizzes at the end of each unit. After 45 days your course access will be automatically withdrawn.

It is recommended that you complete this course on a PC or laptop rather than a mobile device. On successful completion of this training course you will receive a Certificate of Training from the NAFD. Certification is processed on a monthly basis, therefore, the training certificate will be sent up to 8 weeks after successful course completion.

The grading for the course is as follows:

95% – 100% – Outstanding.

85% – 94% – Very Good.

65% – 84% – Good.

The learner receives a Certificate of Training from the NAFD.

64% and below – Fail, unfortunately you have not achieved the required pass mark.

Disclaimer – Completion of this training provides no guarantee of securing employment in the funeral service

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