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DipFD Direct Entry Route – England And Wales

DipFD Direct Entry Route – England and Wales

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Welcome to the NAFD DipFD Direct Entry Route

The Direct Entry Route is a fast track route to registration for the NAFD Funeral Directing DipFD, for experienced funeral professionals with no previous formal funeral related qualification.

The Direct Entry Route contains the following 3 steps, which all need to be successfully completed before you can apply for the NAFD Funeral Directing DipFD.

  1. Online Assessment
  2. Online Application Form
  3. Spreadsheet upload providing evidence of 75 funerals arranged and / or conducted over a 3-year period.

Once you have completed all 3 parts of the process, your application form and spreadsheet of evidence will be sent to your preferred DipFD tutor, for final review and approval.

Please note, during completion of the application form you will be required to provide detail of any existing qualifications held at Level 3 or above.  This is not a prerequisite for the NAFD DipFD Direct Entry Route.  In addition, whilst the NAFD do not routinely check whether students hold a Maths and English qualification at Level 2, we strongly recommend that if you don’t have this Level of qualification, you should make steps to obtain this as there will be a lot of written assessment required for completion of the NAFD Funeral Directing DipFD.

If you have any questions regarding any of the steps above please contact NAFD Education.

Good Luck!





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