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Unit 2: Portfolio Activity 4

Spend time with your employer to identify the number and type of complaints (small and significant) received in the business within a 12 month period. Are there any trends arising?

Use this exercise as an opportunity to look how improvements can be made and how proactive measures could be put into place to avoid client complaints, if/where applicable.

Upload to your portfolio.

NAFD Guidance: 

The student should consider the range of (potential) complaints related to: Premises, Care of the Deceased, Client Care, Type and Availability of Products, Admin efficiency, Financial, Disbursements, Inaccuracies, Attention to detail.
The student should then consider how any complaints may have impacted on their own role, the team, business and client or community.

David B – When they say complaints this doesn’t just mean written complaints coming in when a major incident has happened it can also be when a client makes a suggestion or a concern about your current procedure. The Funeral Director Code states that we should ask for comment following on from the funeral service. Concerns or areas for improvement would feature on this. 

Within your answer consider the impacts on Yourself, Colleagues, Your Business, The Community.

MAX Word Count: 750 Words

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