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The NAFD’s Online Examination Honour Code interacts with and must be read and understood in conjunction with the NAFD Exam Principles and Regulations.

The NAFD views cheating, acting dishonestly and/or collusion in an examination as a serious disciplinary offence that may result in disciplinary actions, with the most severe penalty being expulsion from the NAFD without a Diploma qualification. In the context of online examinations:


  • The NAFD considers that accessing the question paper via any other means than directly, via the designated online platform, and/or sharing the question paper with other students, falls within its definition of cheating and of acting dishonestly.
  • The NAFD reserves the right to use software applications, such as TurnitIn, to screen submitted work for matches to determine any forms of plagiarism. 
  • In conjunction with point 3.2.1 of the NAFD Examination Principles and Regulations, it is an offence for students to be in possession of any notes, documents or unauthorised material or to have any information written on their body or clothing. If any student is discovered with such material or with any information written on any part of their body or clothing in the examination room it will automatically be assumed that cheating has taken place and the consequence will be a mark of zero to the examination.


I acknowledge the NAFD Examinations Principles and Regulations and I hereby confirm that the work I submit for the NAFD Diploma examination will be entirely my own, and I will not use the services of any agency or person providing specimen or ghost-written answers in preparation for the work I submit online.

I will not give or receive aid on this examination.  This includes discussing the exam with students who have not yet taken it.  I understand that if I am aware of cheating on this examination, I have an obligation to inform the NAFD Education Department.

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