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Funeral Service Operative (FFSO) training course


Delivered in partnership with The North Tees Centre, Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Full Course Cost: £780 / £750 for NAFD Members, incorporating a £180 / NAFD Members £150 – NAFD Registration Fee and £600 North Tees Centre Fee. Please note, the £600 course fee is paid directly to North Tees Centre through their website which is accessible from the NAFD course page.

When purchasing this NAFD course, if you are employed by an NAFD member firm you will be eligible for the reduced course registration rate. On completing the registration page and proceeding to the checkout, if you do not see the reduced rate as an NAFD member, you will need to login to your profile via the Learning Zone and update your details with your correct NAFD membership number.

Please contact if you experience any issues.

The course fees include:

  • External verification fees
  • 2 full teaching days
  • Online resource access
  • Regular access to course facilitators
  • Support for both the student and the mentor
  • Lecture programme / training notes
  • Course certification on successful completion

All fees must be paid in full prior to starting the course.  If a student is unable to complete their studies in their 6-month registration, they can apply for a 6-month extension to their registration at a cost of £100.  Any extension requests must be supported by a written statement from the employer.

Please remember: If you haven’t already registered for the website, you need to create an account before you checkout and pay for this course. Click on the Register button to complete registration. When purchasing, only one registration can be purchased at a time and registration must be completed under the account of the student taking the course, not under an Employer account. If registration is completed under any account other than the student, the order will be cancelled.

Don’t forget your Totum Pro Student Discount Card!

As an NAFD Student you are eligible to register for a Totum Pro Card. Here is the website for everything Totum Pro Please request your verification code from NAFD Education.

You will be required to provide evidence of any previous qualification or training programmes which you have highlighted above, before you are accepted on to the course.

Please ensure that if you are employed by an NAFD member, you have correctly inputted your NAFD membership details in order to get the correct course price. Refunds will not be possible once the course payment has been processed.



Course Description: This training course is designed for funeral service operatives; funeral assistants and funeral directors who have a unique and varied role in the provision of funeral service following notification that death has occurred. They are a first point of contact for the bereaved at the point of the first call and when undertaking removal of the deceased from home premises. This occupational group also liaise with coroners/ procurator fiscal personnel, mortuary and bereavement personnel and the police during transfer and care of the deceased. They are responsible for the care of the deceased and for assisting the bereaved whilst on funeral premises, as well as undertaking personal care of the deceased and aiding the bereaved during visitation. Funeral service employees are in attendance during funeral services to ensure safe transfer of the deceased to the crematorium or burial ground and to assist with care of the bereaved during the funeral, which can be an emotive time for families and friends.  It is therefore essential that such key staff are trained and competent in all associated procedures.

Course Duration and Assessment: This training will be completed over a period of 6 months via a series of online workshops, assessments and portfolio of evidence.  Each cluster of units within each module will be completed within an estimated timeframe of one month, with some application of acquired skills testing carried out through the form of basic test / completion of learning, examination questions, a visual competency test or by the student providing reflection and a portfolio of evidence throughout the duration of learning.

​The 6 syllabus modules are:​

  • Sensitive communication
  • Health and Safety within the funeral business
  • Manual handling of the deceased and infection control
  • Mortuary practice
  • Care and preparation of the deceased
  • Preparing for and conducting visitation of the deceased

Please contact NAFD Education for details of the next cohort dates.

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