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Welcome to the NAFD Funeral Service Operative training programme which has been designed and delivered in conjunction with the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

This training programme is specifically aimed at funeral service operatives, assistants and directors who are working directly with the deceased, following the initial notification that a death has occurred.  This programme is not suitable for individuals who are new to the funeral service operative role as it does not teach the underpinning skills and knowledge required to care for the deceased.  The objective of the training programme is for students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of funeral service operations, including all physical and administrative responsibilities safely, through the use of evidence pieces from their workplace setting.

This training will be completed over a period of 6 months via a series of online workshops, assessments and portfolio of evidence. Each cluster of units within each module will be completed within an estimated timeframe of one month, with some application of acquired skills testing carried out through the form of basic test / completion of learning, examination questions, a visual competency test or by the student providing reflection and a portfolio of evidence throughout the duration of learning. Students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding and competency through the submission of evidence of workplace practice and training.

Registration and Payment:

Eligibility for this qualification is for funeral service employees working within the funeral service aged 16+.

Initial registration is completed through the NAFD Education website
The total cost of this course is £765 – £815 and includes:
NAFD registration fee (£165 for NAFD members and £215 for non-members)
External verification fees
2 full teaching days
Online resource access
Regular access to course facilitators
Support for both the student and the mentor
Lecture programme / training notes

Last registration date for students is 1 month before commencement of each course at the North Tees Centre.

For further information on the FSO programme, please contact the NAFD Education team.

FSO training programmes taking place in 2023 / 2024 are scheduled for February, March, May, September and November each year. Please see the product booking page for specific dates.

If you would like to register with NAFD for the FSO course, please click here to access the page.

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