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Unit 4 – Working in the Funeral Service

Without doubt the most important contact a funeral business has is with their clients.

The way in which this contact is handled will define the entire relationship between the funeral director and staff with the client.

Depending on the structure of the funeral business, the first contact a client makes will either be handled by a funeral operative (assistant); funeral arranger or administrator. It might equally be handled by a funeral director.

To help you consider your desired career choice we would like to encourage you  to consider the following questions;-

Q: – have you ever been in a funeral directors premises?
If your answer is ‘no’, how do you know the working environment would suit you?
have you considered how you may react to seeing and handling the deceased, given not everyone dies under natural causes?
Q:- have you considered if you are sufficiently grounded and emotionally able to help and provide support to the relatives of the deceased?

Q:-  are you prepared for unsociable working hours?

Making the decision to join the funeral service for many people can be very rewarding. However, to help you with your decision making, we believe it is worth taking time to consider the above questions, and to consider your own motivation prior to  applying for any funeral service jobs, to ensure considering a funeral service career is the right choice for you.

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