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Unit 3 – The funeral director as conductor

The person leading the funeral takes on the role of conductor – a ‘master of ceremonies’ which carries out the task of guiding, directing and overseeing the smooth running of the funeral.

The role of the conductor is a supervisory one, overseeing the work of the entire funeral service team. The conductor might not have met the family prior to the day of the funeral, but must be fully aware of all the requests and arrangements the family have made in connection with the funeral service.

Although common sense and experience will dictate the way in which a funeral is conducted, each conductor will generally develop their own personal style of leading funerals. Whichever style is adopted, the conductor must be, at all times, calm, efficient and dignified – inspiring confidence in their team and ensuring the client family and other mourners are properly and professionally supported in saying farewell to the person that has died.

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