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Unit 2 – The Role of the Funeral Service

A funeral achieves many purposes as follows:-

Helping the family and friends of the deceased person to recognise the finality of death.

Providing a safe environment for the collective expression of loss and grief.

A funeral is necessary for family and friends of the Deceased person to show their compassion and to pay their final respects. An acknowledgement and reflection that a life has been lived, as well as acknowledging that a death has occurred.

Taking care of the deceased, bereaved relatives and friends of the deceased, requires a sympathetic yet practical approach and the desire to support people through a difficult process.

The funeral profession has a long and proud history of providing sensitive and professional service to local communities; building trusted relationships that often endure for generations. Many funeral homes have a long term involvement in the communities they serve and the reputation of these businesses can often be seen to stand or fall through the level of service provided and the professionalism of those employed.

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