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Unit 2 – Purpose of a Funeral Director

Funeral Directors perform a unique role in society. It is a role that encompasses vocation, profession and business all at the same time. The functions of a funeral director are to be a master of ceremonies, custodian of the deceased, technical adviser, agent and contractor to the client.

Funeral Directors understand the difficulties the bereaved face . They aim to help their clients make informed decisions regarding caring for the deceased and a funeral service to reflect upon the life of the deceased . A Funeral Director has the responsibility to provide a funeral service to the satisfaction of each  and every client.

To deliver this wide ranging role, funeral directors must be approachable, sympathetic and experienced professionals – capable of assuming the entire responsibility for overseeing the arranging, organising and conducting a funeral in line with the wishes of the client.

They must always be available in time of need and always capable of providing emotional support, expert advice and practical help; caring for the living and the dead with equal levels of professionalism and compassion.

Funeral Directors strive to take care of the smallest of details, so the family doesn’t have to be concerned about anything other than looking after themselves.

A Funeral Director understands that full attention should be focused on helping their client’s family and friends and caring for the deceased.

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