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Unit 2 – Cremation in the UK

Definition of Cremation:  “The disposing of a human body by means of burning and reducing it to ashes”.

The Cremation Act first became law in 1902, setting out requirements for what had become a steadily growing alternative to burial. Back in 1902, less than 1% of people chose a cremation funeral in England and Wales. Today the figure is just under 80%.

It is very important that Funeral Directors and Arrangers are familiar with the operational workings of crematoria in order to provide comprehensive support and guidance to their clients.

It is also crucial that Funeral professionals have a thorough understanding of the different statutory and non-statutory documentation required for a cremation to happen.

Statutory documentation are documents prescribed by an Act of Parliament, such as Cremation Forms 1-13 in England and Wales. Non-statutory documentation is produced locally, with some crematoria using their own versions of forms.

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