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Unit 2 – (Activity) Activities taking place before the Funeral

Many conversations and activities take place before the day of the funeral, especially during the funeral arrangement interviews.

The length of time between death and the funeral service can vary depending on the clients instructions, their cultural requirements and the circumstances of the death.

Factors that might influence the time between death and the funeral include whether the death has been referred to the Coroner or Procurator Fiscal (Scotland). This will happen when the death has occurred  i.e. at a workplace, where the cause of death is unknown or suspicious, or when certain transmittable diseases are known or suspected.

Other factors include how long it may take for friends and family of the deceased to be available to attend a funeral, or whether the deceased is being repatriated to another state or country for the funeral to take place.


Make a list of the things you think need to be arranged and put into place before the day of the funeral. Allow time to think about this activity.

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