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UNIT 12: Exhumation Of Human Remains Copy

Click above to view or download the learner material for this unit

Unit Purpose

This unit describes the knowledge and performance outcomes required to develop learners’ understanding of the regulation and process of exhumation of human remains. This Unit has nine learning outcomes and four activities.

To complete this unit you will need to:

  1. Download and read the unit course content learner material, in conjunction with any additional lesson material from your course tutor.
  2. Complete the Portfolio of Evidence activities, using the Activity templates below.  Share your work with your tutor for feedback and guidance, and once you are happy with your finished work, upload the completed Activity template for submission for final marking by NAFD Examiners.
  3. Having completed and uploaded all the activities, take the ‘End of Unit Proof of Learning Assessment’ quiz at the end of the lesson content panel below.
  4. Your answers to the end of unit proof of learning assessments will need to be reviewed and marked by your tutor, before you can move on to the next unit.

Click here to view or download the learner material for this unit.

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