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Unit 1 – Client Care

Building and maintaining effective and rewarding relationships with clients has many benefits.

Creating a good relationship with the client allows a funeral director to demonstrate their credibility, professionalism and other technical and non-technical qualities.

A client’s experience of how the funeral arrangements are managed and of course, the funeral, is one of the most significant ways by which the funeral director will be judged. Don’t forget, actions always speak louder  than words. The client’s experience will shape the comments  they make in public and contribute to the funeral directors reputation, and that of his or her firm in the community.

A funeral director and their employees only have one opportunity to create a good impression.

Complaints and misunderstandings can often be avoided. Forming a good client relationship from the outset ensures there will be a quicker and easier resolution of any difficulties or conflicts should any arise.

An experienced funeral arranger / funeral director can take away the anxieties, and make

clients’ and members of their families feel confident – all they have to do is listen, plan, check and deliver. In effect, the role of the funeral profession is to help families celebrate a life lived, and take the strain out of the planning process by ensuring they have accurately gathered and recorded all relevant information relating to the funeral.

Clients are also entitled to expect that funeral arrangers / funeral directors will demonstrate an acceptable level of care and respect. This includes:-

Safe, dignified and respectful care of the deceased

Unbiased and ethical verbal and non-verbal behaviour

Sharing of objective and professional advice, based on up to date funeral service

knowledge and professional judgement.

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